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Screening in Study

ScreeningScreening is a Full medical Check Up before you go for any Study/Clinical Research Period, by Screening in Study/Clinical Research doctors confirm that you are health wise eligible or not  for the upcoming or next study.

Normally it  includes mostly these check ups-

1.  Body Mass Index(BMI) (Needs to be between 18.5 to 24.99 or 30.00 Normally)

2.Vitals ( Blood Pressure,Body Temperature and Pulse Rate/Respiratory Rate)

3.Medical Check up (other check ups required for study like Nicotine/ Medical History / Body or skin disease)

4.ECG (An electrocardiogram)

5.Sample ( Blood and Urine Sample)

6.X Ray

After all these test you can earn Rs.100 to 300 Money/compensation whether you pass or fail in screening.

Money/compensation paid by some labs-

A>Raptim - Rs.100
B>Alkem - Rs.150 to 250
C>Synapse - Rs.250
D>Samadhan - Rs.100
E>Lupin - Rs.300
F>Macleods - Rs.200 to 250
G>Enem Nostrum - Rs 150

Most of the labs in Mumbai pay you Rs.100 for Screening.