What is Clinical Study - All India clinical Study Lab Detail

Monday, September 2, 2030

What is Clinical Study

Clinical Study

Clinical Studies means clinical research trials, where bio-equivalent study is done means analytical results are compared for a new medicine (Test) with old medicine having same content(Reference).

In clinical trial there could be number of clinical trial phase in which dosing of medicine is done, and blood samples are taken in different time slots, sample may be 15 to 30. 

You have to stay in lab for the time required by study and in most of the lab you can not take anything inside with you. You get clothes and toiletry items from lab itself.

A study can be Fed or Fasting , Fed study means , you get Breakfast before dosing which could be veg/non-veg and Fasting study means no Breakfast on dosing day.

If you are smoker or tobbaco chewer than make sure you don't take it to lab and don't use these on visiting days to lab. You have to say NO when doctor asks if you smoke or chew tobbaco.

You are given every care and food with other facilities like T.V,Carr-om,Chess etc. for your time pass for the period you are in the Lab.

But for being eligible for any clinical study/Clinical Research you must be pass in Screening.