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All India clinical studies Lab Detail

There are so many clinical studies/Clinical Researchtrial labs in India and here we give you detailed address and phone numbers of all clinical trial labs , do make sure that you know everything about clinical trials before registering yourself as a volunteer for the same. So read all other articles in this blog and even after that you have any doubts or need more info please join any study whatsapp group and you can ask your questions to other volunteers in group.

So here is the list of cities where you can find clinical trial labs-
A> Pune B> MumbaiC> BangaloreD> Delhi Download Android Games E> Mangalore F> Goa G> Hyderabad H> Gujarat  I> TamilNadu

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What is Clinical Study

Clinical Study
Clinical Studies means clinical research trials, where bio-equivalent study is done means analytical results are compared for a new medicine (Test) with old medicine having same content(Reference).

In clinical trial there could be number of clinical trial phase in which dosing of medicine is done, and blood samples are taken in different time slots, sample may be 15 to 30. 
App Tricks पढ़े हिंदी मेंऐसा Blog Mobile से बनाये [English] You are given every care and food with other facilities like T.V,Carr-om,Chess etc. for your time pass for the period you are in the Lab.

But for being eligible for any clinical study/Clinical Research you must be pass in Screening.

Screening in Study

ScreeningScreening is a Full medical Check Up before you go for any Study/Clinical Research Period, by Screening in Study/Clinical Research doctors confirm that you are health wise eligible or not  for the upcoming or next study.

Normally it  includes mostly these check ups-

1.  Body Mass Index(BMI) (Needs to be between 18.5 to 24.99 or 30.00 Normally)

2.Vitals ( Blood Pressure,Body Temperature and Pulse Rate/Respiratory Rate)

3.Medical Check up (other check ups required for study like Nicotine/ Medical History / Body or skin disease)

4.ECG (An electrocardiogram)

5.Sample ( Blood and Urine Sample)

6.X Ray

After all these test you can earn Rs.100 to 300 Money/compensation whether you pass or fail in screening.

Money/compensation paid by some labs-

A>Raptim - Rs.100
B>Alkem - Rs.150 to 250
C>Synapse - Rs.250
D>Samadhan - Rs.100
E>Lupin - Rs.300
F>Macleods - Rs.200 to 250
G>Enem Nostrum - Rs 150

Most of the labs in Mumbai pay you Rs.100 for Screening.

Clinical Study Period

Period / RoundI am going to explain you about Period/Round in clinical Study/Clinical Research here....
For example you got a clinical Study/Clinical Research trial with 2 Periods(There may be 3 or 4 too) of 24hrs(it may be 48,72 or 5 days/10 days or 20 days or a month and payment will vary with that) and 2 Ambulatory Samples/Blood Samples(There may be any number of samples or no samples).
Details will be provided like this-
App Tricks पढ़े हिंदी मेंऐसा Blog Mobile से बनाये [English] Total Payment Rs.11000

Period/Round -1
12 June - Check In
13 June - Dosing
14 June - Check Out
15 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)(it may be 36hrs,48hrs,72hrs and so on)
16 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)
Partial Payment on 16 June may be Rs. 500 to 5000

Here it is 8 Days Gap but It may be any number of days gap. 

Period/Round -2
25 June - Check In
26June - Dosing
27 June - Check Out
28 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)
29 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)
Full remaining payment on 29 June.