All India clinical Study Lab Detail

Monday, February 21, 2050

All India clinical studies Lab Address and Contact Detail

February 21, 2050
All India clinical studies Lab Address and Contact Detail
You can earn ₹8000 to ₹20000 in less than 15 days by doing clinical trial study. Please read all informative articles in this blog before you go for this.

You can check below a study detail you get on whatsapp :

Alkem Lab(Taloja MIDC)
Kal Screening Hai Alkem Main
12 Hour ke 3 Round
1st Round = 07/01/20
2nd Round = 12/01/20
3rd Round = 15/01/20
Same Study
BMI- 29 tak

Screening ke liye Aadhar Card or Pan Card Compulsory Lana hai
All Over India Net Check Hoga.

Read Study Period to know about period/rounds in study.

You must have Original Adhar Card for registraion in study and Bank account is also needed but not compulsory.

All India net check means, your study participation is posted online on OVIS/VID which is accessed by clinical trial lab or regulating authorities only. You can Study at one lab after 3 months of study completion in which you participated.

There are so many clinical studies/Clinical Research trial labs in India and here we give you detailed address and phone numbers of all clinical trial labs , do make sure that you know everything about clinical trials before registering yourself as a volunteer for the same. 

So read all other articles in this blog and FAQ on Study , even reading after all this if you have any doubts or need more info please join any study whatsapp group and you can ask your questions to other volunteers in group.

india lab contact address detail

So here is the list of cities where you can find clinical trial labs-

A> Pune 

B> Mumbai

C> Bangalore

D> Delhi

E> Mangalore

F> Goa

G> Hyderabad

H> Gujarat

Monday, September 2, 2030

What is Clinical Study

September 02, 2030
What is Clinical Study

Clinical Study

Clinical Studies means clinical research trials, where bio-equivalent study is done means bio analytical results are compared for a new medicine (Test) with old medicine having same content(Reference).

In clinical trial there could be number of clinical trial phase in which dosing of medicine is done, and blood samples are taken in different time slots, sample may be 15 to 30. 

You have to stay in lab for the time required by study and in most of the lab you can not take anything inside with you. You get clothes and toiletry items from lab itself.

A study can be Fed or Fasting , Fed study means , you get Breakfast before dosing which could be veg/non-veg and Fasting study means no Breakfast on dosing day.

If you are a smoker or tobacco chewer then make sure you don't take it to lab and don't use these on visiting days to lab. You have to say  NO when doctor asks if you smoke or chew tobacco for participating in Study.

You are given every care and food with other facilities like T.V,Carr-om,Chess etc. for your time pass for the period you are in the Lab.

But for being eligible for any clinical study/Clinical Research you must be pass in Screening.

Wednesday, September 3, 2025

Screening in Study

September 03, 2025
Screening in Study


Screening is a Full medical Check Up before you go for any Study/Clinical Research Period, by Screening in Study/Clinical Research doctors confirm that you are health wise eligible or not  for the upcoming or next study.

Normally it  includes mostly these check ups-

1.  Body Mass Index(BMI) (Needs to be between 18.5 to 24.99 or 30.00 Normally)

2.  Vitals ( Blood Pressure,Body Temperature and Pulse Rate/Respiratory Rate)

3.  Medical Check up (other check ups required for study like Nicotine/ Medical History / Body or skin disease)

4. ECG (An electrocardiogram)

5.  Sample ( Blood and Urine Sample)

6.  X Ray

After all these test you can earn Rs.100 to 300 Money/compensation whether you pass or fail in screening.

Money/compensation paid by some labs-

A> Raptim - Rs.100
B> AlkemRs.150 to 250
C> SynapseRs.250
D> SamadhanRs.100
E> LupinRs.300
F> MacleodsRs.200 to 250
G>Enem Nostrum - Rs 150

Most of the labs in Mumbai pay you Rs.100 for Screening.

Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Clinical Study Period

September 03, 2024
Clinical Study Period

Period / Round

I am going to explain you about Period/Round in clinical Study/Clinical Research here....

For example you got a clinical Study/Clinical Research trial with 2 Periods(There may be 3 or 4 too) of 24hrs (it may be 48,72 or 5 days/10 days or 20 days or a month and payment will vary with that) and 2 Ambulatory Samples/Blood Samples(There may be any number of samples or no samples).

Hours (hrs) are counted from dosing time but you have to stay in lab from checkin as lots of paperwork has to be done and also to refrain you from tea/coffee/smoking/drinking etc for at least 24hrs before dosing.

Study Details will be provided like this-

Total Payment Rs.11000

Period/Round -1
12 June - Check In
13 June - Dosing
14 June - Check Out
15 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)(it may be 36hrs,48hrs,72hrs and so on)
16 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)

Partial Payment on 16 June may be Rs. 500 to 5000. Also some amount in cash in given at each checkout by all labs.

Here it is 8 Days Gap but It may be any number of days gap. 
Note : washout period is difference in days from dosing to next dosing while gap is counted from checkout/last sample to next checkin.

Period/Round -2
25 June - Check In
26June - Dosing
27 June - Check Out
28 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)
29 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)
29 June - Safety/Post-Study Sample

Full remaining payment on 29 June.

Most of the lab pay full remaining amount on the day they take Safety/Post-Study sample at last period Checkout/Last Ambulatory Sample but few labs pay final amount after 1-2 days of Safety Sample.

In each period there is health checkup before checkin but you can visit the lab for checkin in afternoon or evening from 2nd period onwards. For 1st checkin you need to visit the lab in morning or early morning.

Few labs may do alcohol test before Ambulatory sample so you must refrain from alcohol before checkin and ambulatory sample.

All timings for sample and checkout etc. are given from dosing time. So if there is an ambulatory sample at 84hrs, then 84hrs. are counted from your dosing time. 

Check screenshot of study detail provided on whatsapp group below :

Study,Study period,Study Center,Studyblood,Vergo,Goa

Aizant Study Center,study,study period,hyderabad.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Online/Offline Study | OVIS

January 14, 2021 0
Online/Offline Study | OVIS

A clinical Research Study may be Online or offline. An online study means volunteers participation in Clinical Trial Study is posted online and offline Study means volunteers participation is not posted online.

As per Rules Volunteers are not allowed to take part in any study for 90 days from the date of completion of any study including Blood donation. 

So to avoid multi participation in study by volunteer, Clinical Research Labs check/Put study participation in Online Volunteer Information System (OVIS) with Finger/Fingers.

OVIS is the most common application used by Indian Labs for checking and put study participation of volunteer online. OVIS is/can only accessed by CRO (Labs) and other concerned authorities. So volunteer need not to worry about privacy, also Only Name/Initials/Photo/Finger Impressions are registered in OVIS.

Mostly, Volunteer's Thumbs and Index fingers are checked by the lab in OVIS but labs can put your participation online in OVIS with any finger/Fingers, which is also called offline study apart from not putting online.

Offline study generally means that Lab will not put any detail of volunteer's study participation online in OVIS or may put study participation in some other application which is used by only few labs.

Labs can check Volunteer's info in OVIS at the time of screening and checkin but will post your participation online only when your dosing has been done.

So to make more money from study in India, you need to know which lab is posting your study participation online and which lab not. In layman language or volunteer's language, it is referred as Net check and posting on net.

StudyBlood has given information about online/offline study by lab in almost each lab info post.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Friday, September 13, 2019

Steps In a Clinical Study

September 13, 2019
Steps In a Clinical Study

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Goa Study Center

September 11, 2019 2
Goa Study Center

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hyderabad Study Center

September 05, 2019
Hyderabad Study Center