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Tuesday, September 3, 2024

Clinical Study Period

Period / Round

I am going to explain you about Period/Round in clinical Study/Clinical Research here....

For example you got a clinical Study/Clinical Research trial with 2 Periods(There may be 3 or 4 too) of 24hrs (it may be 48,72 or 5 days/10 days or 20 days or a month and payment will vary with that) and 2 Ambulatory Samples/Blood Samples(There may be any number of samples or no samples).

Hours (hrs) are counted from dosing time but you have to stay in lab from checkin as lots of paperwork has to be done and also to refrain you from tea/coffee/smoking/drinking etc for at least 24hrs before dosing.

Study Details will be provided like this-

Total Payment Rs.11000

Period/Round -1
12 June - Check In
13 June - Dosing
14 June - Check Out
15 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)(it may be 36hrs,48hrs,72hrs and so on)
16 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)
Partial Payment on 16 June may be Rs. 500 to 5000

Here it is 8 Days Gap but It may be any number of days gap. 

Period/Round -2
25 June - Check In
26June - Dosing
27 June - Check Out
28 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(48hrs)
29 June - Ambulatory/Blood Sample(72hrs)
Full remaining payment on 29 June.

Check screenshot of study detail provided on whatsapp group below :

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