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FAQ on clinical trials.

What is This Study?
In Study or clinical trials , you are chosen for an experiment where you are given two medicine one is 'Test' and second 'Reference', which is known as bioequivalent study . Test medicine is new for that company/sponsor and it must be tested for efficacy and safety. Of course this is third phase study means in first phase medicine is experimented on animals than on patients and last on healthy human beings. So there are very low chances of adverse.

So Study is safe?
No, but lab coducting trial and sponsors tries to make it safe.

Blood is withdrawn from body at every period, what if I do clinical trials frequently?
It's like power of a new born and an adult, so if you continously loosing blood then your body producing fresh blood which is not that powerful meaning it takes time to fresh blood to be as useful as required to body.

Why 3 months gap in two clinical trials?
Medicine may affect your body immediately or after few days, because a medicine never gets out from body completely,that's why 3 months gap is recommended between two studies, in 3 months very small fraction of medicine remains in your blood , and reaction chances become low.

Why We are kept inside lab for more than 24hrs while informed for 24hrs round????
As you read 24hrs round , that 24hrs are counted from your dosing time.

I have gone through medication , can I take part in clinical trials???
If you have taken any medicine or gone through some serious medication, than it's not recommended for you to participate in a clinical trial for at least 6-12 months, but who cares ... We all lie.

Is it dangerous?
If you search news on clinical trial study, you'll find number of cases where volunteer die even after few days after completing study, so be wise about what you are going to do as you know Health is Wealth.

Note:- All above contents are,what I thought and as per my knowledge.

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